Replacement for the Arp 2600 4014 Balanced Modulator Sub Module

4014-2 Arp 2600 Replacement Balanced Modulator Sub Module

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A direct replacement for the Arp 2600 4014 Balanced Modulator Sub Module.   This has dual complementary transductance cell, which delivers 4 quadrant multiplication.  This vintage ring modulator is DC-coupled which allows the musician to process CV AND audio signals.

Our PCBs are high quality, 4 layer boards with proper mask for easy building and soldering.

The fully built Balanced Modulator uses only top quality components.   Contact us about pricing and lead time on fully built filters.

If you are repairing a vintage Arp 2600 or just want to design your own Ring Modulator using our sub modules, the Logan Soloman Balanced Modulator sub module is the best choice.

Bill Of Materials will be provided after payment.