4020-2 Arp 2600 Replacement EG / ADSR Sub Module

4020-2 Arp 2600 Replacement Envelope Generator Sub Module

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A direct replacement for the Arp 2600 4020 Envelope Generator sub module.  This Envelope Generator has the classic Attack Decay Sustain Release (ADSR) Segments.

Our PCBs are high quality, 4 layer boards with proper mask for easy building and soldering.

The fully built 4020-2 Envelope Generator uses only top quality components.  Contact us about pricing and lead time on fully built filters.

If you are repairing a vintage Arp 2600 or just want to design your own Envelope Generator module using our sub modules, the Logan Soloman 4020-2 Envelope Generator sub module is the best choice.

Bill Of Materials will be provided after payment.