uA726 Temperature-Controlled Differential Pair Replacement PCB

uA726 Temperature-Controlled Differential Pair Replacment PCB

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The original uA726 was a monolithic transistor pair in high thermal-resistance package, held at constant temperature by active temperature regulator circuitry.

Logan Soloman's uA726 replicates this functionality perfectly and has been tested in vintage synthesizers like Moog Sonic VI and Buchla 208s, but will work in any synthesizer that uses original uA726s.

Logan Soloman's uA726 offers flexibility by giving the user two different packages to help retro-fit into tight places - DIP package and TO-100 package.  This uA726 uses all easily sourced parts from all of the major electronic warehouses.  Keep your synth running in perfect order with the best uA726 replacement on the market.

Inquire directly for fully built uA726s.

Bill Of Materials will be provided after payment.